Food Desert?

I rode my bike today through 15 miles of Indiana farmland.  Corn, soybeans, soybeans, corn.  Pretty fields, but I estimated that less than 5% of the houses and farmhouses had any sort of vegetable garden.  How is it that farmers, and people who appreciate ‘country living’ do not grow any of their own food?!  These houses are surrounded by wide swaths of mowed lawn — for half the time spent mowing, the occupants could grow enough vegetables to meet their own families needs and maybe even sell a bit at the farmer’s market?  Why?

Michael Pollen  called an Iowa farm a ‘food desert’ in his book ” The Omnivore’s Dilemma’.  And this is true in many places.  Our county, a rural farming and lake community does not produce enough food to feed our local population, if you discount corn syrup, processed soy foods  and grain fed beef.

So – here I am.  Writing a little blog maybe to help others cope with the dilemma of diminished resources, economic calamity and environmental catastrophe.  I always write better with a deadline.